Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Do It A Cappella

I was wandering around on YouTube tonight, reminiscing about my younger days singing with an A Cappella group.

I came across some great songs from Rockapella and True Image, and I thought I just had to give you all a listen.

I am going to search for more fantastic a cappella music to post another day, but for now, take a listen to these cool tunes.

Rockapella VS True Image

Rockapella With True Image - Under The Boardwalk

Rockapella- Under the Boardwalk

Billy Joel-The Longest Time

Naturally - Huey Lewis and the News - This particular video is the only one I could find for this song, apparently a school project for RTV at UCF in 1987


Monday, August 27, 2007


For anyone following my blog, and there may be tens of you out there, I have resurfaced from the vacation world of my sofa and computer chair. I purposely didn't blog on vacation, but am back now, so prepare yourselves.

So today I have one simple topic, hacking the iPhone.

I would like to give props out to George Hotz for being the first (from what I gather) to hack the iPhone.

George logged about 500 hours or so on the endeavor, and worked online with others to produce the hack.

You can visit George's blog here for the full details, and list of equipment needed to do it yourself.

I possess none of the skills, and less of the patience to attempt such a hack. So if anyone is successful in hacking their own iPhone, let me know, for I will bow to you on some cyber level that only you and I will ever really appreciate.

And here's some related videos:

CNBC Interview with George Hotz, iPhone Hacker

iphone cracked hacked unlocked by George Hotz

Teen 'Unlocks' iPhone From AT&T Network

Teen 'Unlocks' iPhone - Interview With Glen Rock

Monday, August 06, 2007

Dungeon Runners

I can only play Neverwinter Nights for so long before going a little batty.

I like playing solo, as well as with a group. But I find playing mostly on Role playing servers I get bored easily if there isn't anyone else around wanting to play as a party, or if there isn't a quest or event going on.

So I branch out every once in a while to try some new games. When I do this, it's usually something high energy, with lots of fighting and solo play.

With this in mind, I checked out Dungeon Runners this past weekend. Created by NCSoft, Dungeon Runners delivers the fighting energy I need (albeit a little repetitive).

With more updates and patches coming every month, I can see myself playing this game for a while.

Now I did say it was a bit repetitive, and that's true. But with tons and tons of different weapons, armor and equipment in the game, it's almost a quest in itself to try and get better and better items. You tend to look past the same groups of monsters and attacks, just to see what the next monster will drop.

But it's also interesting to see what the next level of my character will bring in terms of skills, abilities, and special powers.

You can re-spec your characters skill points at any time, so if you want to mix up your game-play a little, you can certainly do that.

Every few levels I gain some new magic, and change my attacks accordingly. So in a sense, the repetitive nature of the game is not as noticeable to me....yet.

It's also free to play, you simply download the game from the NCSoft website, and your off and running.

You can, however, pay a nominal fee ($4.99 per month) which will allow you access to member only items. You can find these items when monsters drop them, but can only use them if you are a member (other wise you can just sell them).

So I bit the bullet, and forked over 3 months of fees. It was pretty cheap, and now I get the full effect of the game.

If I get sick of the game, I can always not pay for it any more.

Here are a few videos of Dungeon Runner, so you can decide for yourself if it's worth playing:

Dungeon Runners

Dungeon Runners - gameplay video


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Celebrity Jeopardy - SNL Style

I find some things in life pretty funny, but eventually simmer down into a smirk on my face.

SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy skits from the past, however, always make me laugh, no matter how many times I watch them.

I don't have much to say about them, I just wanted to share a few with you so you could have a laugh as well.


Sean Connery, French Stewart, Burt Renalds (aka Turd Fergason)

Sean Connery, Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise

Sean Connery, Minnie Driver, Jeff Goldblum

Sean Connery, Robin Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones

Sean Connery, Ozzy Osbourne, Martha Stewart

Sean Connery, Keannu Reeves, Hillary Swank

Compilation of Sean Connery on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy


Abra Ka Dairy!

With all the hype surrounding the newest, and last Harry Potter book, I thought I would at least make an attempt at endeavoring to try and see if there is a post I could possibly create which would maybe in fact poke fun at and possibly point out some interesting facts while at the same time saying nothing of any consequence towards this great achievement in literature.

Yes it my very own Harry Potter post. Yay me, Jumping on the proverbial band wagon.

The problem with this post, I will tell you right near the start is, I know very little of the books. Well I know they exist, and I know they are all the rage, but I have yet to read one. In fact, if memory serves, I am quite certain I have not even layed eyes on an actual copy of any of the 7 books (up close an personal that is.....I've likely seen them advertised in print or on tv).

So what can someone like me say about the Harry Potter phenomenon, without having read the books? Not too much.

I don't know how many pages they are.

I don't know what size font they used.

I don't know what sort of binding the books have.

I don't know whether there are pictures in the books, or whether they are all words.

I cannot comment (and yes I realize the irony here of saying I cannot comment on the very thing I am commenting on currently) on the style of writing in these books.

And I cannot, even if I try pretty hard, remember exactly what the author's name is (I believe it's J.K. Rowley.....but this is a guess based on the recent buzz, and I've likely seen the name somewhere. I would venture I have a 65% chance of being close on the name, and maybe 50% chance of getting the spelling correct).

I can, however, say I have written a haiku about the Harry Potter books I have never read. And here it is:

Harry Potter books
Haven't read them to this date
Maybe I will though

Wow, I even amaze myself with the level of crap I can produce at a moments notice.

I once heard a choir conductor tell us to "sing like you're illiterate".


I wasn't quite sure about that particular directive, and I ended up sounding like Kermit the Frog...muttering incoherent sounds.

Maybe if I use some sort of backwards, crazy logic, I could try watching the Harry Potter movies, and using a form of reverse theatrical osmosis, suck the words into my brain, transpose them into mental books, and read them in my sleep.

Yes, I'm sure that will work. I'll have to give it a go.

And as we come the end of today's blog about Harry Potter, I am hoping you've all gleaned some fantastic insight into these books, from what I've placed on the internet today.

And, I know you're asking how can this Anathema Heterodox fellow know so little about so much?

Well, it's a mystery to me as well. But I welcome you all back again next time for more of the same drivel I churn out in all of my posts.

And, uncharacteristically, here are some videos which are related (some loosely) to today's blog:

Simpsons Harry Potter spoof

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ABC Family Preview

harry potter parody - SNL

Harry Potter Outtakes

Harry Potter Comic Relief

Harry Potter In The Hood


Friday, August 03, 2007

Peace For The Children Of The World

A couple of years ago I subscribed to an email newsletter. The newsletter was all about a Canadian named Jean Béliveau whom, in 2000, started a trip to travel across every continent of the world, promoting peace for the children of the world.

Here is an excerpt from his website with the description of his quest:

"On August 18th, 2000, at 9:00 am, Jean Béliveau left Montreal, Canada. His goal is to walk around the planet to promote "Peace and non-violence to the profit of the children of the world". He is traveling alone with a three wheeled stroller to carry a bit of food, his clothing, a First Aid kit, a small tent and a sleeping bag. Jean plans to walk across all the continents, from North America to South America, then across to South Africa, up to Europe, then the Middle East, South and Eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand and finally back to Canada.

This journey will take 12 years to complete which is in accordance with the United Nations proclamation: 2001-2010 - International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World"

His journeys thus far are quite fascinating, and worth the read. He has met all sorts of people from all walks of life. He's met poor beggars on the back streets, to dignitaries in high office. And everywhere he goes, people greet him with open arms.

I highly recommend signing up for the newsletter. And it won't clog up your inbox, the newsletters are infrequent, but a pleasant surprise when you do get one.

The website is www.wwwalk.org

Here are a few pictures from his latest newsletter:

Istanbul, Turkey

Ankara, Turkey

Zonguldak, Turkey

Yakakent, Turkey

Tbilisi, Georgia

Jean Beliveau in Baku


Thursday, August 02, 2007

beat it.....

I was going to post a video with my previous post, but then I realized I needed to dedicate a whole post to this subject.


Yeah I know, beatboxing? Isn't that something from the 80's that people don't do anymore?

Um, no.

People are still beatboxing, and doing it well I might add.

I used to sing with an a capella group, and from time to time our arrangements would require a little beatboxing. So I used to consider myself no too bad at it.

Not anymore.

The guys in the videos below are fantastic! I could never compete with their caliber of beatboxing.

So I take off my hat to these artists, because I kow how hard it is to achieve proficiency, let alone excellence.


uk human beatbox

amazing human beatbox

Blake Lewis Audition - Crazy

Best Beatbox Ever

Human beat box


Australian Idol Beat Box Contestant

beatbox -BEATBOX.DG-

UK Beatbox Championships Bristol Final Petebox v Fozzy


weather or not.....

Is it just me, or does there seem to a lot of strange weather happening lately?

My area just went through 2 separate hot spells, there was crazy flooding going on in Newfoundland yesterday....earthquakes, hurricanes, super cold weather......it really feels like mother nature is kicking us in the groin.

Maybe it's not that bad, but it sure seems like it.

A couple years ago I discovered the perfect place for to live. The reasoning behind it was the climate.
I had been watching a show on tv about the search for Atlantis. They were focusing on several places around the world which would be prime locations for the lost city.
Then came upon a group of islands off the coast of Portugal called the Azores.
Now here's why that Azores would be my perfect spot to live.
Average temperature in the Summer.....24 Celsius
Average temperature in the Winter.....16 Celsius
That is the perfect temperature range for me. I don't need anything hotter, or colder. I would be satisfied with those temperatures.
Now the only problem I see with moving to the Azores, is finding a job. Not that jobs wouldn't necessarily be available, but rather the types of jobs in these islands are rather limited.
You got fisherman
Then you got tourism
That's pretty much it.
Now if they had some sort of high speed internet, it may be a viable move, if I could break into the dot com world successfully. But most dot coms fail, with only a select few start-ups gaining any huge success.....enough to sustain me, comfortably.

Time will tell if I end up in the Azores. I am told time is on my side, flows like a river, heals all wounds, is a companion that goes with us on journeys, waits for no man, and is vanquished by love.
All of this tells me nothing of whether I will be in the Azores one day.

If I run into time, I will ask him though.

And, here's some unrelated videos for your viewing pleasure:

LAND WALKER -Japanese Robot suit-

Amazing physics

korean archery - challenge the impossible

sony robot dance

Abba - Dancing Queen

marvellous hula dance

Speed Chess Game


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