Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Interweb

As I was typing in the title for this entry, I was trying to think of a nifty link to add in.

But I soon realized that the internet isn't just a single place, it's a world of it's own.

I suppose if you need a place to start though, you could simply type into the address bar (and if you need instructions on where to find the address bar, the fact you made it to my blog astounds me). This will get you to the most widely used search engine on the planet (according to me). Type any word or phrase into the search field, and hit the enter button on your voila.....a plethora of links to choose from on the topic of your choice.

But enough with the tutorial.

There's likely nothing I can say about the internet that someone else hasn't already said thousands of times over. So I won't try to be original.

How about what I like to do on the internet?

Sounds good.

I surf. That's about it really. Oh and log occasionally into AIM, Facebook, my email, and a few other regular sites I like.

But inevitably I find myself following strange strings of links, ending up on some interesting site somewhere in the interweb.

Any topic can catch my interest. And I find it intriguing to think how I ended up at certain places.

To me, it's like when I was a kid. I used to love to head over to the local public library and browse the isles for hours. I was never looking for anything in particular, but always found something that caught my eye.

That's what the internet is for me these days, the virtual library of my youth at my fingertips, and full of so much more information.

I will say it was much easier to avoid crap in the library (although depending on who you talk to, this could be there are plenty of awful books in libraries). But retreating from a pop-up ad, or midget porn page is only a click away. So no need to panick.

I just finished a 3 hour surfing expedition, and have a few stored links to show for it. But my private library of links grows more every day, and it's my own virtual library to peruse whenever I want.

No library card needed.

Here's some stuff......

Cinnamon Challenge

To-Do List

Punchline Piracy

Fraggle Rock


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