Sunday, May 04, 2008


The road to recovery starts with admitting you have a problem.

I have a problem.

Nope, not recovered yet. There has to be more to that saying than just admitting something.

Well, my problem is my addiction.

Yes I am an addict.

I am addicted to my PVR!

I also have PVR-Record-O-Phobia (the fear that I will not have enough room on my PVR to record my programs, as well as the fear of not wanting to delete any programs, because I might want to actually watch one of them again some time).

That in itself is a little liberating. But it doesn't solve my problem.

Come to think of it, I'm not so sure there is a solution to my problem.....other than selling my PVR.

ha ha ha ha ha ha,....ok let's get back to reality.

I can see down the road I will be upgrading to PVR's with bigger and bigger hard drives. Will it ever end?

I do have a couple movies (still saved on my PVR) I watch at least once per week. And no, I will not divulge the titles of these movies. They are not the cream of the crop as movies go, and none of them have been nominated for any sort of awards to my knowledge.
They do make me laugh though. So they will not be erased.

In addition to the problems listed above, I also cannot find enough time to actually sit down and watch all the programs I have recorded. So inevitably I delete shows which are a few weeks old and I really cannot see myself watching at this point.

It's strange though.....when those shows were airing, I was all excited and setting up the recording. But now, I can simply erase them with just a few clicks on the remote. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose. I won't know what would have been good about those shows npw that they are gone.

Also today I don't feel like finishing thoughts off in any way shape or form. This post has lost my interest, so it;s ending....

Here's some videos.....

Grand Theft Auto 4 Video Review - Exclusive!!! (Xbox 360)

Grand Theft Auto 4 Review

GTA 4 TRAILER Grand Theft Auto IV Official Trailer 5

Office Party Drunk Girl Owned by her boss!



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