Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Status Quo-tes

Here is a list of Facebook status updates from various folks:

- Jon is allergic to metaphors.
- Stephanie is thinking that she has the worst luck in the world.
- Heather is Happy and Playful as always :)
- Camille is almost back to normal.
- Andrew is America (and so can you!)
- Lindsay is crazy....that's right.
- Sally is tired.. tired of sneezing.
- Mandy is finished with you.
- Todd is watchin his little pumpkin play!
- Jared is moving on.
- Shawn is nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, as of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
- Alexandra is absolutely zonked.
- Candy is freaking about how much money she just spent on furniture.
- Terril is looking forward to the weekend. Is it here yet?
- AnnMarie is freezing!
- Stephen is angry at the Vikings ... were all those violent raids REALLY necessary?
- Andrew is pretty much jobless and still getting paid. He is a king among men.
- Lindsay is a loser.
- Kelly is a pain in the ass!!
- Cyd is wanting her muses to stop being wankers.
- Kim is making cupcakes - EVERYONE likes cupcakes!!!
- Trish is going to see the Dinosaurs!!
- Breanne is working while Mike eats a donut. What's wrong with that picture?
- Maria is so so sad.......
- Alexandra is busy trying to make sense of it all.
- Mia is just not sure anymore.
- Ashley is at the no pants party.
- Kim is desperately in need of a good night's sleep . . . . and a few other things.
- Adrienne is mad at Sears. Fuck Sears!
- Jill is sad because she lost a very dear friend far too soon.
- Neal is finding that Stina Nordenstam's voice makes an ideal soundtrack to evening snowfall... :-).
- Henry is an idiot for giving it another try.
- Kris is all like "hakuna matata bitches."
- Victoria is whatever.
- Matthew is mayking planes WOOOSH.
- Ashleigh is stressed.
- Andrijko is shoveling snow for the next 6 months. Yipee.
- Sonia is sniffly and coughy and generally all around feeling yucky!
- Jeremy is sick again. wtf.
- Armin is somewhere!
- Mike is contemplatin mah super eval plan...
- David is Is happy he got the newest scooter cd and is Jumping All Over The World!!!!!
- Scott is probably going to SNAP any minute now.
- Catherine is the proud owner of a new fresh Christmas Tree.
- Amanda is in need of neocitran, stat.
- Stacy is . counting the sleeps till Santa comes!!
- Dave is learning as he goes!
- Jaime says l'habitant
- Ashley is destined to only ever fall in love with fictional men.
- Jon is sad that his fingertips are melting :(
- Olesia is getting ready for opening night!
- Jason is working on "the project."
- Sheldene is numb...
- James is preparing to litter.

And as always, some totally unrelated videos (and since I am in a foul mood, the videos are not very tasteful at all.....be warned):

I Love Noodles

The Original Joke

Anyone Seen My Dignity

Superjerk Saves The day


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