Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HAIKU! - God Bless You

Quite by accident, as I was surfing through the endless blogs on blogspot, I came across one in particular which was chalk full of haiku. Is it haiku or haiku's in that sentence, I don't really know.

Anyway, the creative juices started flowing, and I managed to churn out a few haiku of my own.

Keep in mind, I am a beginner at this. These are my first haiku. Don't be cruel, but I would encourage comments and retaliatory haiku of your own.

So here they are:

clutching one more smoke
craving craving light it up
momentary peace

echoes whisper back
deja vu the cousin known
simply speak again

coffee cakes cut thin
talking loudly boisterous fare
leave a healthy tip

morning's here at last
necessary rituals
get to work on time

it is killing me
coursing through my body parts
yet I cannot stop

And a video to go along with the poetry today.

Haiku Documentary at Yale

This video has nothing to do with Haiku, but I liked it anyway. So here it is:

V - Now in words we can all understand!

And yet another unrelated video. This video deals with something I believe to be one of the greatest recipes ever invented!

Chicken Fried Bacon

To follow the last bacon themed video, here's a video involving something I need to do before I die. And quite honestly, I may die doing this.

Huge Bacon Eating Contest In Boston

And yet another culinary delight, created with love, and presented with class:

Egg and Bacon Ice Cream

And now a double delight video - two things I have now mentioned in my blog come together for this video - Chef Ramsay and bacon:

Gordon Ramsay - Stuffed Bacon-wrapped Chicken Legs


Monday, July 30, 2007

Morning Craziness

Every morning as I get ready for work, I have the television on. As I approach the last few minutes before I leave, a morning kids show comes on.

I believe it may be driving me crazy.

I leave for work, and I hum the theme music in the car.

I get to work, and find myself singing it while I check email.

Throughout the day I catch myself humming or singing this song. I think there's some sort of morning, kids show conspiracy going on to drive me crazy.

Now I should tell you, this theory is of course, a load of crap. But, it makes me laugh just thinking I have this damned kids show theme song going through my head.

So after the opening credits, they show a cartoon called Arthur (the aardvark). The theme song for this show is actually the one that drives me wacky.

I found a clip on YouTube of Arthur, as well as the next cartoon they play after Arthur is over, Lunar Jim. The Lunar Jim clip is in Spanish I think, but it's still nice to listen to.

So here are the clips from Arthur and Lunar Jim.

Arthur -- Intro Theme

Lunar Jim - In Spanish?


Friday, July 27, 2007


Surfing around YouTube today I came across a wide variety of commercials.

The ones below are just a few of the many funny and interesting commercials you can find on YouTube.

Hope you like these particular ones.

Commodore Vic-20 commercial

171 Starbucks

Nike Banned Commercials.......NOT

Flinstones selling cigarettes (old commercial)

The Ladies Bathroom - Sexy Banned Commercial

BANNED commercial: Mother said I could!

Pepsi Commercial (full version)

WoW Chinese Coke Commercial

KFC Chinese Ad



I have a friend who is a Shatner fan. And, since I had time off today and nothing better to do, I compiled a few videos from YouTube in my friend's honor.


Shatner Singing to Lucas

William shatner in Lucy in the sky with diamonds

William Shatner-Rocketman

William Shatner sings "Taxi" on "Dinah!"

Shatner Raps!

William Shatner performs "It Was a Very Good Year"


Happy Birthday!

I found a cool Happy Birthday video on youtube this morning. Thought I would share it with everyone.

Happy Birthday Aliens

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Facebook - 2nd wave

So I thought my addiction to facebook had subsided.....apparently I was wrong.

I've heard it from many people, saying facebook was for those people who wanted to re-live their high school years. I didn't agree with them of course. I have many people on my friends list, and 99% of them were people I met after high school.

I went through the initial phase of facebook, where you are pretty much addicted, and are adding friends constantly, logging into see who you can find or who has found you, etc, etc, etc.

Once over, the addiction settles, and you start logging in once or twice a day to update a few items, check out a few things, and that's that.

I thought it would end at that.

But no.

Now it seems the high school friends are creeping into the picture. And I find myself with a renewed addiction.

I still disagree with those nay-sayers, I don't want to re-live my high school years. But catching up with friends from almost 20 years ago is very cool. Friends who fell through the cracks somewhere, but you always wondered where they are now.

I find I am now sending messages and having some great email-type conversations with these newfound old chums. And I don't see anything wrong with it.

Let the nay-sayers go on and on about facebook, I don't listen to them.

I think they are missing out on something fantastic!

And as always, here's a few vids:

Facebook Infomercial Parody

Facebook Song

Do you have Facebook?

Facebook Documentary


Monday, July 09, 2007

Kramer Karma

Well, I have no excuse for not posting for such a long time.....so I won't make one.

But, despite having my clubs stolen 4 days ago, I went out and purchased some new ones, and played in a work tournament this past weekend.
Nothing like buying new clubs boost ones spirits after a car theft.
Wilson, Callaway, I love you!

And, for no apparent reason, here's some Seinfeld clips!

The Pimp

Merv Griffin

Kramer Clips

Do You Ever Yearn? Kramer and George talk

Jerry Becomes Kramer

Seinfeld - Kramer gets a job - TCB

Seinfeld Calzone

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