Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eating Healthy

So who'd have thunk it, eating healthy can actually taste good?! I went out today and bought a whack-load of groceries.....all healthy stuff too. Non fat sour cream, whole wheat spaghetti, low fat yogurt, whole wheat bread......well you get the picture.
I asked for, and took the advice of a couple of friends at work on this topic. Spent about $80 on these groceries, and I figure they should last about a week or so if I plan it right and don't pig out like I normally do.
This is a far cry from my usual fare.
Yup, I've been a slave to salty and fatty food for some time now. Oh how I love the smoky, salty taste of bacon during every waking moment. It's almost a religion for me. Seriously, I love bacon. I even came up with my own bacon recipe.....bacon wrapped KFC chicken skins. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition that's some good eatin'! An alternate name is a heart attack in a every bite, but why split hairs, call it what it really is.....delicious!
Basically you wrap bacon around a piece of KFC chicken skin, and then fry it in a pan. The only healthier alternative, and I use the word healthier lightly here, is baking these little morsels on a cookie sheet in the oven. Either way, you've got a party in your mouth when you're done.
I've been trying to figure out how to add cheese into the mix as well. The biggest problem is leakage. I have had a few successful trials of cheddar filled bacon wrapped KFC chicken skins, but for the most part the cheese oozes out into the frying pan, and you get a big mess. After all, it's party about presentation.
I think ultimately I will need to use other meats to help wrap these tender treats of goodness. Multiple layers and wrappings of several different kinds of meat would add depth to this recipe, and would also allow the cheddar to be properly sealed in the center.
I will let you know if I am successful. But of course, I will entertain suggestions on how to improve upon this salty sumptuous delight.
Leave me a comment with your suggestion, and I will endeavor to comment back, and try your suggestion possibly.

"I eat bacon for breakfast, bacon for lunch and I drink my dinner"
— From the movie Buy at Amazon.comGrumpy Old Men.

Laterz - AH

Monday, October 16, 2006


Today I went to my answering machine to check messages, something I rarely do. I usually just check my phone to see who has called, and then call them back if I think I need to. Consequently my answering machine routinely gets jammed full, and I have to sit there erasing messages for 10 minutes. A lot of people have mentioned to me that they left me a message the other day, but I just tell them sorry, I don't think I listened to it.
Anyway, so I am checking messages, and what's the first one on the machine? You got it, it was one from my girlfriend. Ok, just be fair, it's not a new message, it's about 6 weeks old. But it was such a nice message at the time. She was being all cute calling herself my girlfriend as she drove out of town for the weekend. I just couldn't erase it.
So that was the first message I heard. And I will admit, it made my teary eyed. Afterwards I sat around thinking how nice it would be if we made up and continued dating. I was getting all cozy with these thoughts, and then I gave my head a shake. Isn't this the same woman who listed 18 things she thinks are pressuring her in our relationship, and listed my car as the 2nd reason she has doubts about our relationship?
I am still really on the fence to tell you the truth. Why is that? I know deep down she is not the right woman for me, yet I still yearn to have her back in my life.
Is it because we all tend to gravitate towards the familiar? Yes I think that's a big part of it. It's kind of the reason we all like coming home after being out somewhere.....familiarity and comfort.
I think it's also because we all hate failure, rejection, and heartache. Heartache is the worst. It's never really as bad as when you first break up. You feel sooo sad.
Once you are single for a while, you forget what agony of the heart is all about. We all do. It's what gives us the courage to jump back on the horse and try the relationship things again.....we have simply forgotten what it was to be heartbroken. If we could experience that heartbreak over again, we would never dive into dating ever again. It would freak us right out! Everybody would be sooo afraid of getting hurt again, we would all be single.
But, since time heals all wounds, our heartache goes away, we start to notice women again, and BAM.....we get hooked on another one.
Ultimately, I am not complaining.....although it may seem that I am. I am of the mind that I will one day find that person with whom I will spend the rest of my life with. Which at the moment, is getting shorter by the day.

Boys and girls, my point here today is you can't control who you fall in love with. You can, however, control your feelings when you break up. Take stock of the relationship and look at the things you know are not working, and will never work for the both of you.
It's really just a matter of mind over heartache.

"Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible."
- Mother Teresa

Laterz - AH

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Start of All Good Things

Yes, everything has to start somewhere.

In fact, without starting, you cannot end, and there certain;ly would be no middle.

But why start at all? Why even bother to start something, knowing that one day it will end? Why put all of that effort into it, knowing it will all be in vain someday? There is no hope that whatever you start will be able to slip past, and make it to forever....it's impossible. It will end, and that will be that.
Game over.
C'est Finit.


I recently broke up with my girlfriend. Well, to be more acurate, she said she feels pressured and has some doubts about our relationship, and needs some time to herself. She says if her feelings change, she will contact me.
Great, so here I sit in a holding pattern. Waiting for her to think, and maybe contact me.
I won't go into details, but I have a feeling I know why this woman is the age she is, and still single. Too controlling, superficial and materialistic, and lack of communication skills......these are the main reasons.
So, I think it is just really a matter of time before she contacts me, and says she is through with our relationship. At this stage, I have given in to the thought of ending the relationship, and moving on to greener pastures. I don't need someone who will say that spending one evening a week with me is taking up too much of her time. That does not sound like someone who wants a relationship at all.

What am I feeling inside you ask?

Well, I am sad of course. I have been with the woman for some time, and I do have strong feelings for her. But, after finding out who she really is, I don't think I want to spend my life trying to live up to her standards..... and getting the emotional shit kicked out of me when I fail.
I am angry too. Angry that she waited for all this time to tell me hoiw pressured she feels, and what makes her feel pressured. If I had known most of these things earlier on, I could have done something about them. But, to have them laid out in an email.....all 18 points.....just goes to show she was saving them all up, and playing some sort of checklist game. I don't like playing these relationship games, so she can go play with someone else.
I feel stressed too. I suppose because of the waiting at this point. I know she will contact me.....but when will that be. My guess is in about a week. She will contact me to say she is through. So I wait, becuase she does not want me to contact her.....she wants the space.

I once saw a quote on the internet. There was a picture of a gorgeous woman, and the caption under it said "No matter how good she looks, some other guy is sick and tired of putting up with her shit".

Ain't it the truth brother.....ain't it the truth!

Laterz - AH

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